Located in the Eastern part of de Departamento de Colonia, 52 km from Colonia del Sacramento and 132Km from Montevideo on the touristic corridor of Route 1, Rosario has had since 1994 the first Uruguayan museum of Historic Mural Art.

Through its painted walls, Rosario tells about local historic events and describes characters directly related to the regional tales. The mural art was an initiative of the inhabitants of the city that grew to become the business card of Rosario.

Located on the banks of the Colla Creek, close to where it flows into the Rosario River, it is the only city of the Departamento of Spanish origin.

It was founded in 1775 by a group of people headed by Benito Herosa, to be later on the stage of transcendent events of the Patria Vieja ( old nation)

It was the Capital city of the Departamento between 1826 and 1829, and it had its acme in the second half of the XIX century.

The Street of the Memory, with its picturesque lamplights and its peculiar “informative plaques” that exhibit advertisements from newspapers edited since 1883, is one of Rosario’s main attractions, together with the Road of Carnival. The Herosa Square, is the most popular meeting place for the locals. The hermitage of the Virgin of Rosario is very visited by the Catholic believers. The Consecrated Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is a National Historic Monument.

Considered the Carnival Capital of the Departamento, Rosario has a strong carnival tradition. The preparations take months that culminate in spectacular parades during the Carnival Week, with massive participation of the locals. The extremely original and creative carriages, all made from recycled materials, are the highlight of the parades.

Combining history, art, nature, its bohemia and welcoming cordiality, Rosario is a destination worth knowing.