Nueva Palmira

The origins of this city go back to 1732, when in the area today known as Camacho, Mr. Juan Narbona arrived to settle down upon receiving the land from Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, founder of Montevideo. A chapel was built, the only one between Montevideo and Soriano in those times. The port of the hacienda was known as Las Higueritas, and it was the cornerstone of the township, when some of the inhabitants of the Las Vívoras township moved by Artigas decided to resettle here. The founding process ends in 1831, when it is denominated Nueva Palmira, instead of Las Higueritas, with all its avocations to protective saints.

The nautical door for the Mercosur, its strategic position at the mouth of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers into the Plata (in fact the 0Km. mark of the “wide as a sea” river, as the Plata is known, is there) it has a variety of interesting sites for the tourist.

The Rivera’s Coastal Battery that controlled the passage of enemy ships; the Pyramid to Solís, erected in the place where many sailors, and especially Solís, were killed; Darwin’s Corner,where the scientist conducted some of his research. The Higueritas dock, the riverside avenue and Punta Gorda are unavoidable spots for those visitors seeking the sun or the beach.

Finally let us point out that their ultra maritime port is one of the most important in route, for American South one.