La Paz

First migratory settlement, established in 1858, center of an agricultural colony formed by the labor of European immigrants, followed by immigrants from the Piedmont in Italy.

Downtown you find the main square, Doroteo García, where a work by the sculptor José Belloni, a monument to the Valdense Settler.

This small town houses five National Historic Monuments.

Some of the recommended spots are: the first house of the town, built in 1859, the Bonjour water mill, built in 1877, the first Valdense Evangelic Church, consecrated in 1893, the Concordia Port, the Spirited Liquor Factory, built in 1887, where corn was distilled to produce alcohol, the Santa Cruz Chapel and Catholic Seminar, and the Black Bridge, inaugurated in 1902, the first iron route bridge made in Uruguay.

We strongly recommend our visitors to do the Historic-Religious Circuit of La Paz and Colonia Valdense.