Colonia Valdense

Founded in 1858, by immigrants followers of Pedro Valdo (called Valdenses)and survivors of religious persecutions in Europe. In their present socio-cultural development are reflected the fundamental values of their faith: education and work, as instructed by their pioneers. Touring the city, we come to the Freedom Square, the Scholar Park, Elementary School number 26, the Valdense Athletic Club, the manor that used to belong to the secretary of late President

Williman, Emilio Barbouroux, the Sports Field, the first Rural Secondary School, founded in 1888 by Minister Daniel Armand Ugon, and the Valdense Library-Archive.

Its history, its peaceful places and its beautiful gardens make it today, as it is justly called, the ”garden city”.

We strongly recommend our visitors to do the Historic-Religious Circuit of La Paz and Colonia Valdense.