Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento – Colonia – Uruguay

It is one of the most important touristic referents of Uruguay, receiving thousands of visitors all year round.

Just an hour away from Buenos Aires by boat, and two hours from Montevideo by car or bus, the city is a haven where the visitor has a rendezvous with the culture, the history and the spell of a must destination on the Río de la Plata.

The charm of the city goes hand in hand with its unique history. Founded in 1680 by the Portuguese Manuel Lobo, the city went from Portuguese dominance to Spanish dominance and vice versa many times until 1828. These changes in masters made of the capital city of the Departamento of Colonia a crucible where the colonial-Portuguese architecture stands side by side with the colonial-Spanish one.

The Historic Quarter, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995, attracts visitors from all over the world and has served as the location of many photographic productions searching to capture the charm of the place.

The mere walking along its stone-paved irregular streets lets you recall the history and enjoy a unique scenery with outstanding views of the Río de la Plata.

The enigmatic Suspiros St. (street of sighs) paved with wedged stones, has a unique appeal, capable of transporting the visitor to a world of reverie.

A guided tour of the Historic Quarter will immerse you in the history, bringing you closer to the rich cultural legacy of the city.

Museums, theaters, art, handicrafts, and a good gastronomy complement the array of possibilities available to the visitor.

Besides, the city offers a wide variety of places to stay at, that goes from international chains of hotels to the typical inns that operate in colonial houses, as well as quite a number of cheerful and picturesque restaurants. Driving along the Riverside Avenue, or cycling, one gets to the Real de San Carlos, an old Spanish military enclave. Once there, one can visit the San Benito Church, with its image of the black saint, and the Nicolás Mihanovich complex, built in the first years of the last century, the main present icon of which is the bullfight arena.

As part of its attraction, Colonia del Sacramento seduces with its sunsets over the Río de la Plata, full of color and charm. The views from the lighthouse, or from the old dock, or from the Riverside Avenue are, undoubtedly, an allure for the senses.

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