To the West of Colonia del Sacramento, along Route 21, you arrive to the city of Carmelo.

It was founded in 1816 by Gral. José G. Artigas, the national hero of Uruguay, something the city takes great pride in.

Its beautiful and serene natural surroundings have always attracted visitors seeking rest, tranquility, beauty and comfort. Its sporting dock and the extensive beaches lure the fans of nautical sports and swimming.

In addition, several of the Touristic Wineries, already consolidated as an attraction in the Departamento, are close by. These wineries elaborate their product following the oldest European tradition, which has resulted in delighting wines of international level.

Other attractions in Carmelo are the rotating bridge, across the Las Vacas Creek, the only one in South America that still uses human traction; the Jesuitic ruins in the Belén Ranch, popularly referred to as the Orphans’ Lime Pit; and the Narbona Farm, the oldest building in Uruguay, kept with its original features.